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AoH S5 Exam fight by KumoriNinja08
AoH S5 Exam fight

Life got in the way of a lot this but here it is regardless :iconlazycryplz:

Here's the summary for this part of the exam I collaborated with :iconvampkimi:  :icondjroguefire: and :iconophelion: with:

Shuto cast a blanket of water in front of them and towards Samara while Aeollis halted, summoned her shield once more and braced herself as Sergio leaped and used it as a ramp. Given the boost, Sergio rose high, "ZHEN!" he yelled. Two enormous claws of wind materialised on his arms as he twisted, grabbing a straggling water shark and flung it towards their target.

The pirate, of course, immediately noticed. But this worked perfectly with the plan for as soon as he obliterated the shark with fire - steam and mist erupted  to cloak the immediate vicinity. And only loud stomping sounds gave him the warning of a charge.

All the details, I blame on my lateness and fak bgs :iconlazycryplz: Icantdothemfkdsaklj

Anywho hope this still looks alright and passes for the exam

Sergio and exam summary (c) by :icondjroguefire:

Pirate Trio member and Shark summons (c) by :iconalucinarae:

Art and Shuto (c) by :iconkumorininja08:

Tagged by :iconcatrojan: iluman we should chat more *crei*

Ten Things about me:

1. I currently live with my bf
2. I work at Walmart // tem job for now
3. I am addicted to fruits and chocolate *U*
4. Motivation is something I have to work at. Doesn't come naturally unless I'm super inspired by something
5. I am terribly sensitive to loud sounds
6. I wish my car and other chores would wash/take care of themselves :iconpapmingplz:
7. I am lazy by nature but can push myself when things need to seriously get done
8. I love both my RL and DA friends equally <33
9. I usually hog food I love, but will still share
10. I get distracted and can forget easily, yet I remember the most obscure things in super detail at times :iconmingplz:

10 Questions from Catrojan:

1. You are currently in the last game you played, what was the first thing that killed you?
~~ Of COURSE that ends up being LoZ Twilight Princess. Knowing my luck, probably the Ordon Bees :iconmingtearsplz:

2. You are currently in the last anime/movie you watched, who is your nemesis?
~~ Baahah Attack on Titan. That should be Obvs Moe faisu Titan ofc

3. You are on a deserted island with a zombie, what is that one item you would bring?
~~ Love ofc //hitt  Hm..probably a useful weapon to help me hunt the zombie and food at my own leisure eue

4. You decided to waste that one wish on a shooting star, what is that silly wish?
~~ Probably a wish I ttly forgot upon wishing it |D // *can't think of anything atm crei*

5. Would you walk around nakey/half nakey if you are the only one in the house?
~~ Probably half/nakey since it'd just be me there and why not

6. Quick! The red wire or the blue wire?
~~~kjasfdhkjdks CANT DECIDE WRY U MAKE ME CHOOSE :iconwhywouldyouplz:

7. If you have a foreign parasite with intellect in/on you, what is the first thing it said to you?
~~~ Man lookit all this junk in here // rood parasite is rood :iconwthewwplz:

8. Internet goes down and never returned, what's your alternative entertainment?
~~~ Cry for a bit then crawl off to read or maybe actually go outside for a drive. Something bizarrely productive like that  :iconmingplz:

9. What would you do with 50buck on a starving, rainy day?
~~~ Probably spend it on junk food-I mean budget it wisely |D

10. The bathroom is occupied. Which cup would you pee in, cola labelled or sprite labelled?
~~~ Sprite. Cola I like, so I'd drink that one if there's any

:iconportalguardian18: :iconresonance21: :iconvampkimi: :iconoseike: :icondjroguefire:
:iconeveedemon: :iconlilbang: :iconchocominty: :iconacaciathorn: :iconlimauu:

10 Questions for the next 10 people:

1. What's the latest game/movie you've seen or hoping to see that you absolutely enjoyed or know you'll enjoy to the fullest?
2. If you had a signature color that would wholly describe you best, which would it be? If more then 1, narrow it down to top three.
3. When sick, what's the best thing for you to do?
4. Oh no!! The Glow Cloud's invading! How do you defend yourself? JUST DO NOT GO INTO THE DOG PARK!
5. For those of you who don't get number 4,Alien invasion! Who do you try to save or who do you go to first to rally up a survival team?
6. Just when things couldn't get worse, what happens next?
7. A magical talent fairy comes to you in a dream and grants you amazing skill in whatever you enjoy doing most. Only catch is everything you do now is in reverse (eating dinner before breakfast, walking on your hands or backwards etc things like that). Describe how you break the spell or cope with the effects
8. What are you hoping to accomplish soon or in the near future in your life at this very moment?
9.If you could go anywhere in the world, regardless of time or money, where would you travel?
10. You find yourself suddenly in a strange place that shifts according to what you're thinking of first without limits. What are your current surroundings in this new place like?

Ok doneee *floppp* updates in my life atm: Working, hoping to enjoy summer more this month, looking forward to visiting my family and friends up north for a mini summer vacay andd so going to have a blast at the fairs this year >u< I'm just doing my best to deal with things I need to get out of the way first, then all will be well~ Art is going pretty good too and I may just figure out how to paint better this year too. We'll see what happens either way C: Till next time~


Journal skin by anineko
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Sound of my fan
  • Reading: Burning Dawn *Adult romance novel eue*
  • Watching: Kpop AoT Parodies *amg cannot stoppp*
  • Playing: Loz Twilight Princess *replaying because feels
  • Eating: grilled cheese
  • Drinking: water and hot cocoa


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United States
24, loves animals and listening to others if they are troubled and need help, Avid reader, casual to mid gamer, enjoys sweets, and I do believe in superheroes and fairies I do I DO!

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